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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Starting the Repairs

6th August – today the scaffolding appears to be almost complete on the South Pavilion.

A large lorry arrived at lunchtime from Ducker and Young Ltd scaffolding contractors to deliver further scaffolding poles and brackets. They are also delivering a collection of stone so that as soon as the scaffolding is complete, work can begin to repair and clean the damaged stonework on the south pavilion.

Who Else Has Been Involved In The Project?

Howard Benge, Regional Learning and Interpretation Officer for the Thames and Solent region says:

I’m really happy to see the stone work exhibition open. It's funny to see it in a finished state, after talking about it and planning it for so long. When I had my first look round, a volunteer pointed out a before and after photograph in the panels. I’d never seen this before. One of pictures shows the columns in their splendid entirety. This is the old photograph. A recent picture shows one of the columns with a huge chunk taken out of the capital. This damage spurred on the stonework project. When you are looking round, see if you can spot that.

I’m looking forward to the exhibition changing with the Stonework project over the course of the next year.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Weeks 2 and 3, scaffolding work begins

28th July, scaffolders arrive on site and begin erecting the scaffolding around the South Pavilion

28th July, a cherry picker was used for two days to establish the extent of the work to be done on the North Pavilion

3rd August, the scaffolding on the South Pavilion is almost complete. When the scaffolding is fully erected, the fencing will be removed, leaving the green boardings as protection.